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www.aias.us. (Referred to as F4).

14) Spanish translation of ECE.

15) Severe and definitive criticisms of black hole theory by Stephen Crothers, 2008 TGA Gold Medallist. These are given in several of the ECE papers and in an article, ABlack Holes, Unicorns and All that Jazz@.

16) AGalaxy Structures described by ECE Theory@ by Horst Eckardt, always a well read article in both English and Spanish, giving a popular account of galactic dynamics in ECE theory.

17) F13 in Spanish.

18) Spanish translation of article (16).
There are about forty of these articles and presentations in all, and every month every article is read worldwide.


The feedback patterns in the appendix have been studied over nearly six years and show a steadily increasing and continuous interest in ECE theory, both papers and articles. It can be seen that over this span of time, essentially all institutions to do with theoretical physics have begun to study the theory continuously. This implies an overwhelming rejection of the obsolete standard model among staff and students of several disciplines. The great amount of material downloaded from the site indicates that this is not casual interest, it is deep study. A table of the world=s best universities and institutes is available on the internet, so it is possible to deduce objectively that they all study ECE theory routinely. A feature of the feedback is that there is considerable student interest, because of the periodicity of the visits. During semester or term time the number of university visits is greater than during vacation time. Although important, the university and institute sector interest is small compared with the industrial sector. Literally thousands of corporations study ECE theory routinely by now. Sometimes the appendix records major or household name corporations. In the computing sector for example there are repeated visits from IBM, Intel, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and so forth. In the aerospace sector there are repeated visits from Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman for example. Again, it is known that these are not casual visits because of the number of gigabytes downloaded and the number of files downloaded. Over nearly six years the latter amount to several million, and the former to several hundred gigabytes. The number of individual visitors per month peaked in June 2009 at over twenty five thousand during the month for all ECE sites: www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com and www.unifiedfieldtheory.info.

A significant feature of the interest is military and governmental. As can be seen form the appendix the US military sector continuously studies ECE theory. All four services have repeatedly visited www.aias.us: Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines. These visits include ones from the Pentagon and Tactical Commands. Many US Departments also study the site continuously, notably Departments of State, Transport, Health, NASA, NOAA, Government Laboratories, Government science agencies such as NSF and NIH, several sections of NASA, and so forth. There have been visits from Head of State staffs of several countries, and from the US Congress. A similar pattern of visits occurs from Europe.

Visits have occurred monthly from up to 116 countries. The leading interest occurs from the major industrialized countries as may be expected. The main areas of research work in theoretical physics may be identified clearly from the Appendix as North and Central America (USA, Canada and Mexico) and Europe. However there is also considerable interest from the Far East: (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea). The university and institute visits are uniformly distributed in each region, for example they cover the entire United States and the entire area of Western and Central Europe. Visits from the Russian Federation and China occur more rarely but they do occur continuously. There are also visits from the near East, notably from India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Visits also occur routinely from the entire continent of South America, notably from Argentina and Brazil.

There is an overwhelming number of visits from individuals. These are not recorded in the Appendix, but are totalled up in the appended file of monthly visits from 2002 to present. The complete feedback data for www.aias.us is backed up on computer from 2006 to present and is available on request. There are also many automated search engine visits, and ECE is picked up by every major search engine.

A significant feature of the feedback is that every month, over 1,500 documents are read off the www.aias.us site, including all the 135 ECE source papers to date, and all the forty or so books and articles written by other ECE scholars. It is also significant that the background notes to each paper are read every month. There are several hundred of these, and give more much more detail than the 135 source papers. This means that the theory is continuously studied in depth.

It may be concluded from every measure of feedback therefore that ECE is a new school of thought by international usage. Conversely the standard model of physics has been rejected as obsolete and unworkable. Government funding should therefore be switched away from expensive white elephants such as CERN to urgent matters of sources of new energy. Quality controlled website publishing has made journal publishing obsolete. Journal citations have been overtaken by measure of actual usage, a far better indicator of relevance, immediacy, timeliness, acceptance and usage. This is especially true when an obsolete elite restricts journal publication to the standard theory. It becomes known over time that this is happening, so confidence in these journals is eroded to almost nothing. Accordingly the readership has turned to the ECE websites, literally in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions. This is an unprecedented event in the history of science.

Evans of Glyneithrym,

British Civil List Scientist,

August 2009.


* Denotes Multiple User Visits from Same URL.

Each URL may denote many visits from an individual user.
April 30th 2004

Teledynefluid, Ruhr Bochum University, Northern Illinois University, Purdue, Utah, Elysee Palace France, Polytechnic University Hong Kong, University College Cork Ireland, Chubu Univ. Japan, American Physical Society, KBSU Russia, University of Cambridge.
May 1st 2004 (137 1574)

Bochum, Univ Texas, Trinity College Dublin, Univ Pisa, Navy (NMCI).
May 2nd 2004 (144 1808)

KU Leuwen Belgium, Teledynefluid, Colorado, Duke, Louisville, Louisiana State, CCF France, NASA (Lerc), NIST, Gov. Virginia, Univ. Pisa.
May 3rd 2004 (113 607)

HWCDSB Ontario, Univ British Columbia, Univ Calgary, York Univ. Toronto, Motorola Corp., Colorado, Georgia State, Princeton IAS, Indiana, Univ. Michigan, U. Penn., Univ San Francisco, Wisconsin, Univ Pisa, Sandia, HQ European Space Organization.
May 4th 2004 (145 811)

Gov. Alberta, CERN, Motorola*, Teledynefluid Corp., Ruhr Univ. Bochum, Denver, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Rowan, San Jose State, Texas A and M, Univ. Chicago, Univ Texas, CNRS Grenoble, INPG France, INSA Lyon, Lorraine, Toulouse, CNR (RM) Italy, Pisa, Navy (NMCI), Maastricht Univ., American Physical Society, Trinity College Cambridge, Heriot Watt, Luton, St Andrews.
May 5th 2004 (162 1321)

DCC Gov. New Zealand, EPF Lausanne, Microsoft, Motorola*, Ruhr Univ Bochum, Georgia Tech., UCLA, ENSC Rennes, SNEF France, ENEA Italy, Army (ARL), KAU Sweden, Open University.
May 6th 2004 (140 892)

Australian National Univ., FPMS Belgium, UNESP Brazil, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Algonquin College, Microsoft, Teledynefluid, KFA Juelich, TU Cottbus*, Berkeley*, Caltech*, Central Michigan, Michigan State, Stonybrook, Utah, Wisconsin*, WUSTL, Xavier, CERMEP France, NASA (JPL), Army Medical Corps, Navy (NCSC), Sandia, NU Singapore.
May 7th 2004 (140 798)

Motorola*, Philips, HU Berlin, Univ Frankfurt, Haverford, MIT, Illinois Chicago, Texas, William and Mary, BIPM France, Paris Sud, NASA (LERC), Trieste, Pisa, VSU Russia, British Gov.*, BIPM France.
May 8th and 9th 2004 (221 1536)

Latrobe Univ Australia, TU Cottbus*, St Andrews, Caltech, Zaragoza, Leiden, LTH Sweden, Bristol, Melbourne, Merck, Mainz, Union College, TEE Greece, Latrobe Univ Australia, Teledynefluid.
May 10th 2004 (165 1631)

William and Mary, Liege, Valle Univ. Colombia, Motorola, Teledynefluid, TU Cottbus, Heidelberg, Bowdoin, Brandeis, Cornell, Harvard, UWM, Williams, Wisconsin, Yale, Valencia, Southampton.
May 11th 2004 (150 980)

Citicorp, Motorola, Hanover, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Denver Univ., Temple, UCLA, BIPM France, UJF Grenoble, US Bureau of Land Management, Univ Patras, Army EPG, Liverpool, Southampton, Swansea, British Government.
May 12th 2004 (149 1000)

Kuyshu Univ., UNP Argentina, York Univ. Canada, Boeing, Shell, Teledynefluid, Cornell, Newhaven, Ohio State, U. Mass., Univ Texas, UJF Grenoble, Univ Poitiers, Sandia, Univ Kyoto, NTNU Norway, NTHU Taiwan, Southampton, BBC, British Gov.*.
May 13th 2004 (138 417)

Univ Western Ontario, Gov. Canada, Kodak*, Motorola, Rockwell, FGAN Germany, Univ California system, Georgia State, MIT, New York Univ., Rockefeller Univ., Univ Nevada Reno, UM Spain, Oak Ridge, Pisa, US Airforce Pik., US Army EPG, UIO Norway, British Gov.
May 14th 2004 (96 451)

Dalhousie Univ., Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Jena, Washington, INRA Bordeaux, INSA TLSE France, Tohoku Univ., US Army EPG, Gov. Taiwan.
May 15th 2004 (86 320)

Teledynefluid, Iowa State, Christ=s College Cambridge.

May 16th 2004

Hamburg, Weizmann, Pisa, Tohoku, Waikato Univ., Bristol, BOR Tech. South Africa.
May 17th 2004 (145 1100)

UIBK Austria, ARC Alberta, Motorola, Teledynefluid, LRZ Munich, Munster, Monroe, Washington, CNAM France, Poitiers, Toulouse, ICTP Trieste, Univ. Tokyo, US Airforce AFIT, US Edwards Airforce Base, Airforce RL, Army EPG, Leiden Univ., TU Delft, USU Russia, Bristol.
May 18th 2004 (153 932)

Buffalo, Melbourne, NRC Canada, Calgary, CERN, Motorola, Pfizer, Ruhr Univ Bochum, TU Darmstadt, Tuebingen, CTC Univ., GASOU Univ., Kansas State, Univ. California Riverside, Univ Iowa, Univ Maryland, Toulouse, Univ Patras, Pisa, KNCT Japan, TMD Japan, Miyasaki, Tokyo, Ibaraki, US Army EPG, KUN Netherlands, TU Delft, Lancaster, Physics Oxford, MRC South Africa.
May 19th 2004 (139 584)

Woolongong Univ Australia, Philips, Teledynefluid, Univ. Bonn, Indian River CC, LLUMC, Ohio State, Genoa, Pisa, US Army EPG, US Army Stewart, Univ Durham.

May 20th 2004 (109 734)

Georgia Tech., Penn State, Stanford, UV Spain, US Army EPG, Univ. Luton

May 21st 2004 (105 331)

Teledynefluid, Brigham Young, Colorado State, CSU Santa Barbara, Harvard, ISI, New York Univ., Ohio State, Delaware, UJF Grenoble, Lawrence Livermore, NIH, TMD Japan, Massey Univ., New Zealand, Southampton.
May 22nd 2004 (74 965)

Murdoch Univ., Australia, US Army EPG.
May 23rd 2004 (82 543)

Australian National Univ., CERN.
May 24th 2004 (123 389)

Australian National Univ., Univ Sidney, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Teledynefluid, Heidelberg, Mississipi, UCHSC, Michigan, Texas, USAL Spain, Caen, Technion Israel, US Army EPG.
May 25th / 26th 2004

Lockheed Martin, Motorola*, Teledynefluid, TU Cottbus, CSUN, Florida State, Indiana, Temple, UC San Diego, U Texas, NASA (Lerc), Weizmann Institute, Univ Turin, UIO Norway, American Physical Society, Metu Univ. Turkey, Oxford, Hampshire County Council, Australian National Univesity, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Teledynefluid, Heidelberg, Mississipi, UCHSC, Michigan, U Texas, CSIC Spain, USUAL Spain, Caen, Technion, US Army (EPG), ARIS Romania, Cankaya Univ Turkey.
27th May 2004 (118 1316)

ESI Austria, Latrobe Univ Australia, Univ Freiburg, Teledynefluid, Wuppertal, KB Denmark, Florida Tech., Harvard, UMBC, Toulouse, KTH Sweden, Sheffield.
28th May 2004 (116 711)

Motorola, Raytheon, AGI Germany, Hamburg, Leipzig, Caltech, CWSL, Central Washington Univ., BIUS France, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, NASA (LERC), Pope US Airforce Base, Bangor.
29th May 2004 (77 332)

Max Planck Dresden, Princeton, Chapel Hill, TEE Greece.
30th May 2004 (172 974)

Teledynefluid, Duke, OTE Greece, KTH Sweden, NTHU Taiwan.
31st May 2004 (117 358)

TPL Toronto, Cornell, Harvard, City Univ Hong Kong, Pavia, Kaiyodai Univ. Japan, NU Singapore, CU Turkey.
1st June 2004 (138 1464)

Latrobe Unv. Australia, Teledynefluid, Ruhr Univ Bochum, Paderborn, ESF, UCLA, Maryland, Kentucky, Washington, JYU Finland, Bordeaux 2, US PLK Airforce Base, Bristol, Cambridge.
2nd June 2004 (119 714)

UC Riverside, Lockheed Martin, Cedar Crest, Ohio, Stanford, Valdosta, JYU Finland, INSA Lyon, US Randolph Airforce Base, US Military DARPA, American Physical Society, KOU Turkey, Imperial College.
3rd June 2004 (139 784)

FUNDP Belgium, Motorola, FU Berlin, CSU Ohio, De Paul, Denver, Fullerton, NEIU, UCLA, Indian Statistical Institute, US Wright Patterson Airforce Base, UJ Poland, Imperial, Lancaster, Oxford.
4th June 2004 (118 771)

Australian National University, EPF Lausanne, Motorola, Max Planck Mainz, US Dept of Energy, NASA (Lerc), TEE Greece, US Pope Airforce Base, NU Singapore, London School of Economics, Hampshire County Council.
5th June 2004 (117 1016)

Univ Waterloo Canada, IBM Almaden, FU Berlin, Georgia Tech., TEE Greece, UNN Russia, NTU Singapore.
6th June 2004 (149 738)

City University Hong Kong, Indiana Tech., U Chicago, NTUA Greece, Tel Aviv, Kobe Univ Japan, Univ York, ULA Venezuela, National Tech. Univ. Athens.
7th June 2004 (192 635)

Defence Department Canada, Univ. Calgary, EPF Lausanne, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin*, Motorola, NKTRC Denmark*, Berkeley, Columbia, CSU Fresno, Florida Tech., Stanford, SUNY Stonybrook, UV Spain, IAP France, French Particle / High Energy Lab., TEE Greece, GARR Italy*, Pavia, Kyushu, Sandia, Victoria Univ New Zealand, UJ Poland.
8th June 2004 (160 672)

Oregon State, Vienna, UNICAMP Brazil, Motorola, Philips, TUBS Germany, Karlsruhe, Johns Hopkins, Urbana Champaign, HUT Finland, Univ Patras, Kyushu, UJ Poland, Oxford (physics), Southampton, British Government, PUK South Africa.
9th June 2004 (174 984)

Queensland, NS Canada*, Motorola, Polaroid, Munich, Arizona State, Indiana, North Carolina State Univ., Purdue, Rutgers, Univ South Carolina, Williams, UPM Spain, AMI Finland, TREAS, GARR Italy*, INFN Italy, Postech South Korea, Nottingham University.
10th June 2004 (168 880)

Queensland, Intel, Institute of Physics, Motorola, Sun, Munich, Duke, Maryland, Vermont, NASA (GSFC), DUTH Greece, CU Hong Kong, Weizmann, Victoria Univ NZ, American Physical Society, KTH Sween.

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