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Standard 1 Line Format Alexandria 5.5.6

All words beginning with "renaissance"

NOT all words beginning with "harlem"

190 Santillana The age of adventure: the Renaissance philosophers book In

509 SPA The history of science from the ancient Greeks to the scientific revolution Spangenburg, Ray, book In

509 SPANGENBURG The history of science from the ancient Greeks to the scientific revolution Spangenburg, Ray, book In

520 WILSON Astronomy through the ages: the story of the human attempt to understand the universe Wilson, Robert, book In

709 Gombrich The story of art Gombrich, E. H., book In

709 Little isms: understanding art Little, Stephen, book In

709 MURRAY The art of the Renaissance Murray, Peter, book In

709.02 Coughlan The world of Michelangelo, 1475-1564 Coughlan, Robert, book In

709.024 Wallace The world of Leonardo, 1452-1519 Wallace, Robert, book In

739.7 Funcken The age of chivalry Funcken, Liliane. book In

745 Price Made in the Renaissance: arts and crafts of the age of exploration Price, Christine, book In

759 Janson The story of painting for young people,: from cave painting to modern times, Janson, H. W. book In

759.5 Reb The Sistine Chapel: . Rebman, Renee C, book In

759.9 Clark Rembrandt and the Italian Renaissance. Clark, Kenneth, book In

785 Ulrich Symphonic music, its evolution since the Renaissance. Ulrich, Homer, book In

791.43 Manchel The box-office clowns: Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Mel Brooks, Woody Allen Manchel, Frank. book In

808.8 Ross The portable Renaissance reader Ross, James Bruce, book In

808.81 Bender The Sonnet: a comprehensive anthology of British and American sonnets from the Renaissance to the present book In

808.814 Ben The sonnet: an anthology : Bender, Robert M. book In

809.2 Gassner Masters of the drama Gassner, John, book In

810.9 Kramer Chicago renaissance;: the literary life in the Midwest, 1900-1930. Kramer, Dale. book In

810.9 Matthiessen American renaissance; art and expression in the age of Emerson and Whitman Matthiessen, F. O. book In

822 One hundred 100 great monologues from the Renaissance theatre book In

901.93 Dannenfeldt The Renaissance: medieval or modern?. Dannenfeldt, Karl H., book In

909.08 Palmer A history of the modern world Palmer, R. R. book In

909.08 Snyder The making of modern man;: from the Renaissance to the present, Snyder, Louis Leo, book In

910 VOYAGES Voyages of discovery: timeFrame AD 1400-1500 book In

914.5 Hale Renaissance Hale, J. R., book In

920 GOURSE Blowing on the changes: the art of the jazz horn players Gourse, Leslie. book In

920 Prescott Princes of the Renaissance. Prescott, Orville. book In

921 DaVinci The notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci ; tr. with introd. by Edward MacCurdy. da Vinci, Leonardo. book In

921 Rudbeck Finding Atlantis: a true story of genius, madness and an extraordinary quest for a lost world King, David, book In

921 Rudbeck Finding Atlantis: a true story of genius, madness and an extraordinary quest for a lost world King, David, book In

921 Rudbeck Finding Atlantis: a true story of genius, madness and an extraordinary quest for a lost world King, David, book In

921Da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci Kallen, Stuart A. book In

940 Ferguson A survey of European civilization Ferguson, Wallace Klippert, book In

940 Stearns Pageant of Europe: sources and selections from the Renaissance to the present day. Stearns, Raymond Phineas, book In

940.1 BISHOP The Middle Ages Bishop, Morris, book In

940.1 Brehier Middle ages & Renaissance Brehier, Emile. book In

940.1 Cheyney The dawn of a new era, 1250-1453, Cheyney, Edward Potts, book In

940.1 Ergang The Renaissance Ergang, Robert. book In

940.1 Her The black death: and the transformation of the West Herlihy, David, book In

940.1 OXFORD The Oxford illustrated history of medieval Europe book In

940.1 RENAISSANCE The Renaissance book In

940.2 Brace The making of the modern world: from the Renaissance to the present Brace, Richard Munthe, book In

940.2 Brooks The world awakes;: the Renaissance in Western Europe Brooks, Polly Schoyer. book In

940.2 Burckhart The civilization of the Renaissance in Italy: an essay Burckhardt, Jacob, book In

940.2 Chamberlin Everyday life in Renaissance times Chamberlin, E. R. (Eric Russell), book In

940.2 Cor The Renaissance Corrick, James A. book In

940.2 JARDINE Worldly goods: a new history of the Renaissance Jardine, Lisa. book In

940.2 Lucus The Renaissance and the Reformation. Lucas, Henry Stephen, book In

940.2 Mills Renaissance and reformation times Mills, Dorothy. book In

940.2 OKelly Renaissance image of man and the world O'Kelly, Bernard, ed. book In

940.2 Penrose Travel and discovery in the Renaissance, 1420-1620 Penrose, Boies, book In

940.2 RENAISSANCE The Renaissance book In

940.21 Ferguson The renaissance Ferguson, Wallace Klippert, book In

940.21 Ferguson The Renaissance in historical thought: five centuries of interpretation. Ferguson, Wallace Klippert, book In

940.21 Rachum The Renaissance: an illustrated encyclopedia Rachum, Ilan, book In

940.232 Tillyard The Elizabethan world picture Tillyard, E. M. W. book In

945 Ruggiers Florence in the age of Dante. Ruggiers, Paul G. book In

945 WHAT What life was like at the rebirth of genius: Renaissance Italy, AD 1400-1500 book In

973.91 Mann The progressive era;: liberal renaissance or liberal failure? Mann, Arthur, book In

FAST FUN 940.2 Quigley The Renaissance Quigley, Mary, book In

FIC Caldwell The rule of four Caldwell, Ian, book In

FIC Stone The agony and the ecstasy: a biographical novel of Michelangelo Stone, Irving, book In

REF 708.147 New Great paintings from the Metropolitan museum of art: a selection from the European collections book In

REF 709.03 Huyghe Larousse encyclopedia of Renaissance and Baroque art. Huyghe, René. book In

REF 759 Craven A treasury of art masterpieces: from the Renaissance to the present day Craven, Thomas, book In

REF 780.9 Wad The encyclopedia of music: instruments of the orchestra and the great composers Wade-Matthews, Max. book In

REF 809 LIT Literary movements for students: presenting analysis, context, and criticism on literary movements. book In

REF 901.9 Durant The story of civilization. Durant, William James, book In

REF 914.03 Schweitzer Dictionary of the Renaissance Schweitzer, Frederick M. book In

REF 920 Canaday The lives of the painters Canady, John, book In

REF 940.1 BUN Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Bunson, Matthew. book In

REF 940.1 Previt-®Orton The shorter Cambridge medieval history. Previté-Orton, Charles William, book In

REF 940.21 Bergin Encyclopedia of the Renaissance Bergin, Thomas Goddard, book In

REF 940.21 Enc v. 2 Encyclopedia of the Renaissance book In

VHS 709.02 Ren Renaissance art and music videorecording In
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