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Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas

Lease Site Operations Manual

June 2008

Lease Sites Overview 3

A. Purchasing a new Lease 3

B. Purchasing an Existing Lease 3

C. General Leaseholder Rules 4

Appendix A: General Rules and Lease Site Fee Structure 8

A.Procedures 8

B.General Guidelines. 8

Appendix B: Lease Site Construction Standards 10

B.Definitions. 10

C.General Construction Procedures. 10

D.Miscellaneous 13

Appendix C: Current Lease Holder Site Map and Electrical Grid 14

Appendix D: Texas Astronomical Society Dark Site Lease Agreement 15

Appendix E: Texas Astronomical Society Lease Site Construction Permit 19

Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas Lease Site Operations Manual

The purpose of Lease Site Operations is to provide for proper management of the Atoka Dark Site leased spaces including the issuance of leases, the certification of payment of all fees and rentals, and the monitoring of maintenance and construction on lease sites. The TAS President shall appoint, within 30 days of election, a Lease Site Manager to perform these tasks with advice and approval of the Board of Directors of TAS.

Lease Sites Overview

Approximately 69 lease sites of various sizes and restrictions exist at the Atoka Dark Site. Leases are purchased for a one-time lease fee due at the time of lease issuance. The amount of the lease fee is shown in Apdx A.
Annual Maintenance fees will be collected as part of the Membership renewal. The amount of the annual maintenance fee is a shown in Apdx A.
A one-time electrical connection fee will be collected if electricity is available and when requested by the lessee. Cost of the electrical shall be as shown in Appendix A. C. 3. Distribution shall be from an assigned breaker as described in the construction permit with cost borne by the lessee. Other provisions are described in the section on construction.

A.Purchasing a new Lease

    1. Lease Processing. New leases and leases voided by TAS by reason of default or disqualification of the lease holder will be processed according to the provisions of Table I with the Lease site Manager acting on behalf of TAS as the "leasor”. The TAS board of Directors, in a regularly scheduled meeting, shall approve all leases.

    1. New leases will be written for an indefinite period so long as the leasee is a TAS member in good standing and pays lease fees.

    1. Lease fees, annual maintenance fees, and electrical connection fees (where applicable) will be collected on all leases in accordance with membership renewal timelines.

B.Purchasing an Existing Lease

A TAS member may purchase the improvements on an existing lease directly from a leaseholder subject to the following restrictions and limitations.

    1. Purchaser- Member of TAS in good standing, current with all dues and commitments. Purchaser must be of legal age to own property in both Oklahoma and Texas.

    1. Lease Seller- Member of TAS in good standing, current with all dues and commitments. Any improvements must meet existing electrical and Safety codes.

    1. Exception- The sale of improvements on leased spaces as the result of the death or permanent disablement of the lease holding TAS member shall be more flexible. Leasor has up to 90 days to dispose of the improvements by sale to another member. Leasor does not have to be a TAS member in this one instance.

    1. Process- The leaseholder notifies the Lease Site Manager of his intent to sell his improvements to the lease site. Purchaser notifies the Lease Site Manager of his intent to purchase the improvements for a stated price, certifies that he is a member in good standing. Leased Site Manager completes the paperwork. Both parties execute the transfer document(s) subject to resolution of any safety and maintenance defects. Upon removal of any safety or maintenance defects, purchaser pays the remainder of any purchase price, Lease site Manager signs and stamps the document and releases the deposit to the leasor.

    1. Miscellaneous-

      • Purchaser will benefit from the remaining annual Maintenance fee. If the sale occurs in the last 3 months of the Society year, purchaser will deposit the next year's maintenance fee as an advanced credit.

      • Lease Site improvements cannot be purchased by non-members. If a member is no longer in good standing, all rights revert to the club after 90 days. The Club may then auction improvements with proceeds paid to TAS.

    1. Auction- A leaseholder in good standing may request that TAS auction his improvements in an open auction to be held at a regularly scheduled monthly Society meeting. The auction shall be announced to the membership in the Spectrum prior to the action. The following special provisions apply: (1.) Leasor can place a minimum acceptable value for sale, (2.) The auction will be overseen by the Lease Site Manager who cannot bid, nor disclose the sale minimum, and makes no claims as to the suitability or condition of the leased space. Neither leasor nor purchaser will hold TAS, its officers and appointees, liable for misrepresentation or misunderstanding related to any sale or purchase of lease site improvements.

    1. Any unused portion of the annual Maintenance will be credited to the purchaser.

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