A. Maxim Coppage (1915 1998), Founder Edson L. Barlow, Editor

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Spring Issue   May 2001

A. Maxim Coppage (1915 1998), Founder Edson L. Barlow, Editor
840 East Gunn Road, Rochester, Michigan 48306 1905

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Published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Queries are free and are welcome from all. Annual index included with the November issue. Subscriptions are $12 annually for the paper edition by first class mail and $5 annually for the e-mail edition in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. Please send all editorial material, queries and subscription requests to Edson L. Barlow, 840 East Gunn Road, Rochester, Michigan 48306 1905.


Barlow Authors
From The National Union Catalog of Pre 1956 Imprints, 1969, comes the following list of books written by Barlows. This list represents titles reported by the Library of Congress and other American libraries.
From the religious works written in the 16th century by William Barlow, to the famous poems of Joel Barlow, to the novels of Jane Barlow, to the very technical works of Harold Everard Monteagle Barlow, this list is a wide spectrum of publications written by Barlows. And who can forget that popular song of the '50's by Harold Barlow, I've got tears in my ears (from lyin' on my back in my bed while I cry over you).
Additional details on these works, including the libraries that own copies, can be obtained from The National Union Catalog, from the Library of Congress online card catalog, from various online book databases, from your local library, or from Barlow of Barlow.

A. Katherine Barlow, translator, The Armoured Cruiser, by F. Schauwecker, 1938.
A. Ruffell Barlow, Tentative Studies in Kikuyu Grammar and Idiom, 1914, 236 p., 22 cm.
Albert Rowe Barlow, Company G, A Record of the Services of One Company of the 157th N.Y. Vols. in the War of the Rebellion, From Sept. 19, 1862, to July 10, 1865, Including the Roster of the Company, 1899, 244 p., 18½ cm.
Alfred Barlow, The History and Principles of Weaving by Hand and by Power, 1878, 443 p., 25 cm.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), Corundum, Its Occurrence, Distribution, Exploitation, and Uses, 1915, 377 p., 25 cm.

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Notes From The Editor
The latest proposed postal rate increase is finally "the straw that broke the camel's back." I think that I've done quite well by holding the original subscription cost to $10 annually for the past seven years, but the ever increasing postal rates, as well as increased printing costs, have finally forced me to raise subscription rates.
After September 1, 2001, an annual subscription to the postal version of the Barlow of Barlow newsletter will be $12. All subscription payments, either new or renewal, received before September 1st will be honored at the $10 annual rate. Subscription payments received after September 1st must be at the new $12 annual rate. The annual subscription to the e mail version will remain at $5 since postal and printing increases don't affect e mail costs.
I would also like to remind readers of the availability of back issues. All back issues, including those under the editorship of A. Maxim Coppage, are available in both printed and e mail versions. Printed back issues are available by first class mail for $2.50 each. E mail back issues in the Adobe Acrobat .PDF format are free from Barlow of Barlow or at the Barlow Clearinghouse website at .

Barlow Authors from The National Union Catalog (continued)

Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), Frank Dawson Adams (1859 1942) and R. W. Ells, Canadian Laurentian, 1897, reprinted from the American Journal of Science and Arts.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), Report on the Geology and Mineral Resources of the Chibougaman Region Québec, 1911.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), A Landslide on the Lièvre River, 1905, 191 p., 22 cm.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), On the Nepheline Rocks of Ice River, British Columbia.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914) and Frank Dawson Adams (1859 1942), Geology of the Haliburton and Bancroft Areas, Province of Ontario, 1910.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), On Some Dykes Containing Huronite, 1894, 47 p.
Alfred Ernest Barlow (1861 1914), Report of the Commission Appointed to Investigate the Zinc Resources of British Columbia, 1906.
Anne M. Barlow, Nineteen Speaks, 1928, 33 p., 21 cm.
Arthur Barlow (c1550 1620), The First Voyage to Roanoke, 1584, 1898, 20 p., 20 cm.
Arthur Barlow (c1550 1620), The First Voyage to America Under the Charge and Direction of Sir Walter Raleigh, published by the Prince Society 1884, 329 p.
Arthur Barlow (c1550 1620), Naming of Virginia.
Arthur Barlow (c1550 1620), The First Voyage Made to the Coasts of America, 8 p., 20 cm.
Arthur Barlow (c1550 1620), The Ocean Highway, Federal Writers' Project, 1938.
Arthur Barlow, Kivet of the Bush, 1950, 120 p., 25 cm.
Arthur G. Barlow (1876  ), Oproep Aan Die Vrystaters, 1939, 16 p., 18 cm.
Arthur G. Barlow (1876  ), Almost In Confidence, 1952, 345 p., 22 cm.

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Barlow Authors from The National Union Catalog (continued)

Audrey Barlow, An Introduction to the Dyeing of "Ardil" Protein Fibre and "Terylene" Polyester Fibre, 195?.
B. Barlow, Co operative Experiments With Nodule Forming Bacteria, 1906, 19 p.
B. Barlow, Some Bacterial Diseases of Plants Prevalent in Ontario, 20 p.
Benjamin W. Barlow, Map of the City of Benicia, 1847.
Betty M. Barlow, The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, 20 p.
Bronson Barlow, Mathematics of Design, 1924, 31 cm.
Burt Etheridge Barlow, An Unofficial Interpretation of the War Aims of the United States, 1917, 23 p., 22 cm.
C. Barlow, The Story of the Farallones, 1897, 32 p.
C. Y. Barlow, Mrs., Helen MacGregor, or, Conquest and Sacrifice, 1865, 328 p., 17½ cm.
Charles Averill Barlow (1858  ), Speech of Hon. C. A. Barlow, of California, in the House of Representatives, April 29, 1898.
Charles Barlow, How To Make Money By Patents, 1880, 78 p., 22 cm.
Charles Franklin Barlow (1923  ), The Effect of Scurvy and Massive Horse Serum Injections on the Guinea Pig Heart, 1947.
Charles W. Barlow, editor, Code of Iowa, 1954, 1954.
Chester Barlow (  1902), editor, The Condor, a magazine of western ornithology.
Claude Heman Barlow, The Life Cycle of the Human Intestinal Fluke Fasciolopsis Buski, 1925, 98 p., 26½ cm.
Claude W. Barlow, Descendants of Richard Blood of Bellingham and Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1952, 25 cm.
Claude W. Barlow, Codex Vaticanus Latinus 4929, 1938.
Claude W. Barlow, editor, Martinus, Saint, Archbishop of Braga, d. 580, 1950.
Claude W. Barlow, editor, Epistolae Senecae ad Paulum et Pauli ad Senecam, 1938.
Clement Anderson Montague Barlow, see Sir Montague Barlow (1868  ).
Clement S. Barlow, The Kinetics of the Thermal Decomposition of Diethyl Ketone, 1951, 74 p. 29 cm, thesis.
Colin Barlow (1932  ), Christianity in Agriculture, Five Studies, 25 p., 21.5 cm.
Columbus Barlow (1847 1907), Daydreams of a Doctor, 1898, 251 p., 21.r cm.
Constance Barlow Smith, Mrs., The Educational Value of the Folk Song, 1910.
Crawford Barlow, The New Tay Bridge, 1889, 46 p., 38.5 cm.
Crossley William Crosby Barlow (1863  ) and George Hartley Bryan, Elementary Mathematical Astronomy, With Examples and Examination Papers, 1892, 434 p.
Crossley William Crosby Barlow (1863  ), Mathematical Physics, 1913, 18 cm.
D. H. Barlow, The Howards: A Tale Founded On Facts, 1851, 45 p.
David Hatch Barlow, The Love of God, sermon.
David Osher Barlow (1924  ), The Synthesis of Compounds Related to Heptalene, 1953, thesis.

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Barlow Authors from The National Union Catalog (continued)

DeWitt Dukes Barlow (1880  ), Notes on the Physics of Music, 1932, 20 p., 22.5 cm.
Donald Barlow, Further Report on the Thoracic Services of Ceylon, 36 p., 25 cm.
E. H. Barlow, Two letters to Lord Cornwallis and to Colonel Ross on affairs in India, 1791 93, manuscript.
E. Hubbard Barlow and Edward Austin Sheldon, Teacher's Manual of Instruction in Reading, 1875.
Edward Barlow (1639 1719), Meteorological Essays, Concerning the Origin of Springs, Generation of Rain, and Production of Wind, 1715, 212 p., 21 cm.
Edward Barlow (1639 1719), An Exact Survey of the Tide, 1717, 212 p., 20 cm.
Edward Barlow (1642  ), Barlow's journal of his life at sea in king's ships, East and West Indiamen and other merchantmen from 1659 to 1703, 1934, 2 vol., 24 cm.
Edward Barlow (1779 1844), An Apology For The Study Of Phrenology, 1825, 32 p., 22½ cm.
Edward Barlow (1779 1844), An Essay on the Medicinal Efficacy and Employment of the Bath Waters, 1822, 200 p., 23 cm.
Edward Barlow (1779 1844), An Inquiry into the General State of the Profession of Physic, 26 p.
Edward Barlow (1779 1844), De Peritonitide Puerperarum, 1803, 51 p.
Edward Barlow (1779 1844), De Febre Hectica, 1810, 35 p.
Edward Robert Barlow and Ira T. Wender, Foreign Investment and Taxation, 1955, 481 p., 24 cm.
Edward Robert Barlow, United States Tax Incentives to Direct Private Foreign Investment, 1954, 28 cm.
Edward Robert Barlow, Management of Foreign Manufacturing Subsidiaries, 1953, 228 p. 22 cm.
Edward Robert Barlow, Management and Control of Foreign Subsidiaries, 1953, 285 p., thesis.
Edward William Barlow (1886  ), translator, The Earth; Its Life and Death, by Alphonse Berget, 1915.
Elisha Hubbard Barlow, Manual of Gymnastic Exercises, Arranged on Hygienic Principles and Adapted to Music, 1866, 38 p., 18.5 cm.
Ellen Shaw Barlow, National Committee on Prisons, Committee on the Care and Training of Delinquent Women and Girls, 1927.
Esther Sophia Barlow, translator, The Trachiniae of Sophocles, Translated Into English Verse, 1938.
Esther Sophia Barlow, Return and Other Poems, 1924.
Esther Sophia Barlow, Poems and Translations, 1936, 68 p., 20 cm.
Everett D. Barlow, Some Points in Law of Interest and Use to Business Men, 1881, 31 p., 16½ cm.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), Severall Wayes of Hunting, Hawking, and Fishing, According to the English Manner, 1671.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), illustrator, A Genealogical History of the Kings of England, and Monarchs of Great Britain, &c., From the Conquest, Anno 1066 to the Year 1677, by Francis Sandford, 1683.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), Barlow's Bird and Beasts, 1775, 67 pl., 23½ x 36 cm.
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Barlow Authors from The National Union Catalog (continued)

Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), Various Birds and Beasts Drawn From Life, 1755.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), Multae et Diversae Avium Species Multifarijs Formis & Pernaturalebus Figuris, 1671, 15 pl.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), Liure de Plusieurs Animaux Inventez par Barlou, ca. 1670?, 12 pl., 28 x 38 cm.
Francis Barlow (1626? 1702), illustrator, Æsop's Fables, 1687, with his life, in English, French and Latin, 19 x 24 cm.
Francis Barlow, Letters of Attorney Francis Barlow and Others, 1872.
Francis Channing Barlow (1834 1896), Pensions and Pension Laws, 1890, 20 p., 15 cm.
Francis Channing Barlow (1834 1896), Facts for Mr. David Dudley Field, 1871, 70 p., 22 cm.
Frank Barlow, Durham Jurisdictional Peculiars, 1950, 184 p., 28 cm.
Frank Barlow, editor, The Letters of Arnulf of Lisieux, (Arnoul, Bishop of Lisieux (  1184), 1939.
Frank Barlow, editor, Durham Cathedral, Durham Annals and Documents of the Thirteenth Century, 1945.
Frank Barlow, The Feudal Kingdom of England, 1042 1216, 1955, 465 p., 28 cm.
Frank Downer Barlow (1916  ), Cotton in South America, 1952, 300 p., 23 cm.
Frank Downer Barlow (1916  ), Peanuts as a Wartime Crop in Louisiana, 1943, 21 p.
Fred Barlow (1881  ), Ave Maria, With Pianoforte or Organ Accompaniment, 1919, 4 p., 33½ cm.
Fred Barlow (1881  ), Sonate Pour Piano et Violon, 1929, 35 cm.
Fred Barlow (1881  ), Sylvie, Comédie Musicale, vocal score, c1925, 150 p., 32 cm.
Fred Barlow (1888  ), Mental Prodigies, 1951, 256 p., 20 cm.
Fred Barlow (1891  ), Public Library Finance, 1938, 111 p., 19 cm.
Fred Barlow, editor, The Case for Spirit Photography, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1923.
Frederic Barlow, The Complete English Peerage, 1775, 21½ cm.
Frederic Barlow, The Complete English Dictionary, 1772, 22 cm.
Frederick Holmes Barlow, Interim and Final Reports on a Survey of the Administration of Justice in the Province of Ontario, 1939, 76 p.
Frederick Watkins Barlow, Orders, Memoirs, Anecdotes, Etc., Connected With the XX Regiment, 1868, 57 p.
Genevieve Barlow, Excenitas de México, 1943, 155 p., 22 cm.
George Barlow (1832  ), Family Genealogy Comprising the Ancestry and Descendants of Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers, of Delaware County, N.Y., and Allied Families, 1891, 508 p., 24 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Jesus of Nazareth, A Tragedy, 188 p.
George Barlow (1847 1913), A Man's Vengeance, and Other Poems, 1908, 100 p., 19½ cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Love's Offering, 1883, 18½ cm.

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Barlow Authors from The National Union Catalog (continued)

George Barlow (1847 1913), Poetical Works, 1903.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Time's Whispering, 1880, 105 p., 17 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Selected Poems, 1920, 19 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Vox Clamantis: Sonnets and Poems, 1904, 59 p., 18 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Love Songs, 1880, 179 p., 19 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), The Crucifixion of Man, a narrative poem, 1893, 231 p.
George Barlow (1847 1913), An Actor's Reminiscences and Other Poems, 1885, 332 p., 18½ cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), From Dawn to Sunset, 1890, 498 p., 19 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), The Genius of Dickens, 1909, 60 p., 18 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), The Higher Love; A Plea For A Nobler Conception Of Human Love, 1905, 61 p., 18 cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), The Marriage Before Death, and Other Poems, 1878, 230 p., 18½ cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), The Pageant of Life, An Epic Poem in Five Books, 1888, 443 p., 19½ cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), Poems Real and Ideal, 1884, 403 p., 19½ cm.
George Barlow (1847 1913), An English Madonna, 1884, 18½ cm.
George Barlow, A Life's Love, 1882, 342 p.
George Barlow, A History of the Dreyfus Case, 1898, 480 p.
George Barlow, Gardening Without Worry, 1928, 190 p.
George Barlow, Poems and Sonnets, 1871.
George Barlow, Song Bloom, 1881, 290 p.
George Barlow, Songs of England Awaking, 1910, 68 p.
George Barlow, Wesleyan minister, A Homiletical Commentary on the Epistles of St. Paul the Apostle to Timothy, Titus, Philemon; on the Epistle to the Hebrews and the General Epistle of St. James, 1896, 648 p.
George Barlow, Wesleyan minister, A Homiletical Commentary on the Book of Lamentations, 1892, 146 p.
George Barlow, Wesleyan minister, A Homiletical Commentary on the Epistle of St. Paul the Apostle to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and I and II Thessalonians, 1896, 603 p.
George Barlow, Wesleyan minister, A Homiletical Commentary on the Books of Kings, 1885, 654 p., 24 cm.
George Dudley Barlow (1861  ), Published Matter and Records Relating to the Families of the Name of Barlow, 1911, 215 p., 26 cm.
George Dudley Barlow (1861  ), Sir Montague Barlow (1868  ) and Vernon Barlow, Barlow Family Records, 1932.
George Hilaro Barlow, Sir (1762 1847), Letters to Lord Minto, manuscript, 1806.
George Hilaro Barlow, Sir (1762 1847), A Brief Sketch of the Services of Sir G. W. Barlow.

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