Thank you for putting up with this, some draft chapters from a book manuscript--to be published

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jenengThank you for putting up with this, some draft chapters from a book manuscript--to be published
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May 25, 2017

Dear Reader:
Thank you for putting up with this, some draft chapters from a book manuscript---to be published, Deo volente, by the University of Chicago Press, perhaps in 2009. Any form of comment you find convenient has my thanks. It would be useful for example if you gave me your copy of the manuscript with your comments directly on it, in printed copy or in electronic form, whether explicit remarks or mere indignant exclamation marks and irritated circlings of errors. I’ll send it back, once I’ve stolen your good ideas, so that you may treasure it forever.

The plan---in your own work you know the usual fate of such plans!---is to proffer an improved MS to the Press in the spring of ‘08. What you have here is the version of early October, 2007, as complete as I could make it by then, submitted to give you plenty of time to look at it. I’ve tried to make the draft cohere so that you can see the argument and judge at least some of the evidence, but it’s early days yet, and Final Coherence, you know, is often achieved late. . . if at all. You will note that the coherence diminishes towards the end of the book: I have not quite gotten my thinking clear there. I have included The Voice of the Author from time to time, identified by this same type face, to keep straight the big and little jobs I need to do, and when in bold to offer promissory notes of various kinds, and to ask you questions directly.

I will continue after this submission working on the manuscript, discovering the many absurdities in it and trying to pay off a few of the numerous promissory notes. I suppose the basic argument of the book won’t change---you be the judge. I am open to persuasion. Really I am. Perhaps it is lunacy to argue that a rhetorical change was at the root of the industrial revolution, and of liberalism, and of all our joy, in which case you need to tell me, and just why. I know for sure that you will have many suggestions of books and articles I simply must read before I venture such a strange---yet hoary---argument.

But I do live in hope of an Easter resurrection, so I can move to Volumes 3 and 4 and complete the task for which I now believe my Anglican God put me on earth! Laus Deo.

Deirdre McCloskey

720 S. Dearborn, Unit 206, Chicago, IL 60605


Bourgeois Towns:

How Capitalism

Became Virtuous, 1300-1776

[The Bourgeois Virtues, Vol. 2]

Deirdre McCloskey

University of Illinois at Chicago
Table of Contents
The Argument: How a Change in Talk Made the Modern World
Part 1

The Shifting Rhetoric of the Aristocratic

and then Bourgeois English

Needs to Be Explained
Chapter 1: Bourgeois Precursors Were Ancient 13

Chapter 2 But the Early Bourgeoisies Were Precarious 22

Chapter 3: The Dutch Bourgeoisie Preached Virtue 35

Chapter 4: And the Dutch Bourgeoisie Was Virtuous 43

Chapter 5: Yet Old England Disdained the Market and the Bourgeoisie 52

Chapter 6: And So the Bourgeoisie Could Not “Rise” 60

Chapter 7: But in the Late 17th Century the British Changed 71

Chapter 8: For Example, a Bourgeois England Measured 82

Chapter 9: The New Values Were Triumphant by 1848, or 1776, or even 1710 92

Part 2

The Bourgeois Virtues

Were Philosophized in the 18th Century
Chapter 10: Adam Smith Shows Bourgeois Theory at Its Amiable Best 102

Chapter 11: Ben Franklin Was Bourgeois, But not Prudence-Only 113

Chapter 12: Bourgeois Theorizing Was in Fashion 120

Chapter 13: Smith Was the Last of the Former Virtue Ethicist 130

Chapter 14: Smith was No Reductionist, Economistic or Otherwise 138

Chapter 15: “Hobbesian” Prudence is not Sufficient 146

Chapter 16: Prudence-Only is Refuted by Experience and Experiment 154

Chapter 17: The Left Should Acknowledge the Virtues 162

Chapter 18: But So Should the Right 172
Part 3: Material Explanations

for the Subsequent Enrichment

Do not Work
Chapter 19: Modern Growth is a Factor of at Least Fifteen 183

Chapter 20: It Was not Thrift 191

Chapter 21: Nor Was It Original Accumulation, or the Protestant Ethic 199

Chapter 22: Foreign Trade Was Not It , Nor the Slave Trade, Nor Imperialism 207

Chapter 23: “Material” Causes are thus Rebutted 216
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