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Round 2
1.This man's works include Indian Currency and Finance and Treatise on Money, which was criticized by Friedrich Hayek, while in another work, he introduced marginal efficiency of capital and the liquidity trap to criticize monetary policy. His other ideas include a namesake “cross,” the money multiplier, and aggregate supply and demand. For 10 points, name this twentieth-century British economist who opposed classicists in his General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money.

ANSWER: John Maynard Keynes
2.This man’s first symphony is nicknamed “Classical” for paying homage to Mozart, and he composed the score for the film Alexander Nevsky. One of his operas has the witch Fata Morganna cause a prince to be enamored of fruit, The Love for Three Oranges. Another of his works contains a “troika” the Lieutenant Kije Suite. In one of his works, the bassoon represents the title character’s grandfather. For ten points, identify this composer of Peter and the Wolf.

ANSWER: Sergei Prokofiev
3.In this work, the narrator discusses the fates of various countrymen with a man known as the “hog,” and that narrator is later assisted by Geryon. This work sees discussion of the deaths of Ugolino and his sons, and Minos assigns punishment by wrapping his tail around himself. This work also featuring the lovers Paolo and Francesa opens in a dark wood on Good Friday, and the narrator is guided by Virgil, who is sent by Beatrice. For 10 points, name this first part of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.

ANSWER: Inferno [accept Divine Comedy until "Virgil", prompt from there until “part”]
4.This painter showed Turkish warriors around wounded civilians of the namesake island in Massacre at Chios. He depicted an Assyrian king watching soldiers destroy his possessions and kill his concubines in a painting based on a Byron play, Death of Sardanapalus. Another of his works shows a man in a top hat holding a rifle and a boy holding two pistols. For 10 points, who painted a semi-nude woman carrying the French flag through piles of debris and bodies, Liberty Leading the People?

ANSWER: Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix
5.One god of this people killed his sister shortly after being born to a mother who was impregnated by a ball of feathers. That god is often represented as a hummingbird, while another god's name means “Smoking Mirror.” These people sacrificed children to their rain god and worshipped another deity whose name means “feathered serpent.” For 10 points, name this Latin American civilization whose gods included Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, and Quetzalcoatl.

ANSWER: Aztecs
6.This nation, the home of the Rif Mountains, disputes a territory with the Polisario Front, and Spanish enclaves in this nation include Melilla and Ceuta. This nation, which is part of the Maghreb, contains the Atlas Mountains and disputes ownership of Western Sahara. Major cities in this nation include Tangier, Fes, and Marrakech. For 10 points, name this North African nation ruled from Rabat, with largest city Casablanca.

ANSWER: Kingdom of Morocco or al Mamlaka al-Magribiyya
7.This figure sought the religious advice of Hernando de Talavera and Cardinal Cisneros. This ruler fought Juana la Beltraneja to succeed Henry IV. This woman expelled Jews from her country with the Alhambra Decree. She succeeded in driving the Moors from Spain during the Reconquista and established the Inquisition with her husband. For 10 points, name this Spanish queen, the wife of Ferdinand of Aragon, who funded the voyages of Christopher Columbus.

ANSWER: Isabella I of Spain [or Isabella of Castile; prompt on Isabella]
8.This man discussed the distinction between Dionysian and Apollonian character in one work, and one chapter entitled “Why I Write Such Good Books” appears in his intellectual autobiography Ecce Homo. This author of The Birth of Tragedy is also known for a statement in The Gay Science. For 10 points, name this German philosopher, who discussed the will to power in Beyond Good and Evil, posited the idea of the ubermensch, and declared that “God is dead.”

ANSWER: Friedrich Nietzsche
9.This man’s first major victory was at the Battle of the Granicus. This man’s father defeated the Sacred Band at Charonea, while Bessus murdered this man’s nemesis after the Battle of Gaugamela and he won the Battle of Issus, defeating Darius III. This man was also tutored by Aristotle and legendarily cut the Gordian knot. For 10 points, name this Argeadian Macedonian king who laid the foundations for Hellenistic civilization with his vast conquests in the Middle East.

ANSWER: Alexander the Great [or Alexander III of Macedon(ia) or Alexander of Macedon(ia); prompt on Alexander]
10.This band recorded a song that mentions "four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire" and ends with a single chord being sustained for forty-five seconds. This song, “A Day in the Life”, is the final track of the album that also features “Lovely Rita” and “With a Little Help from My Friends”. For 10 points, name this British band, featuring John Lennon and Paul McCartney, that recorded Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and songs such as “Yesterday” and “Hey Jude”.

ANSWER: The Beatles
11.This group of elements commonly provides the leaving group in an SN2 reaction. These elements form PTFE when they bond with an alkyl group. They bond with hydrogen to form compounds such as hydrastatic acid and another acid that has the ability to dissolve glass. The most electronegative element is a member of this group. With 7 valence electrons and ions known as halides, for 10 points, name these group seventeen elements including astatine, chlorine, and fluorine.

ANSWER: halogens [or Group 17; or Group 7A]
12.This man was exiled by Clodius Pulcher, prompting his defense of Titus Milo for the murder of Clodius, Pro Milonem. This consul, uncovered the Catiline conspiracy and drove Cataline out of the city. This man critiqued Marc Antony as a debaucher, for which he was killed, and his hands and tongue removed. For 10 points, name this proponent of the senate during Caesar's civil war, a noted orator.

ANSWER: Marcus Tullius Cicero
13.This effect’s transverse form was detected by the Ives-Stillwell experiment, and Hubble used this effect to prove the expansion of the universe. This effect is used in astronomy to measure the speed of moving galaxies because the light they produce may blue shift or red shift, which are both examples of this effect. For 10 points, name this effect that explains the change in the frequency of waves as they move by an observer, typically demonstrated by a moving train.

ANSWER: Doppler effect
14.This author described the Vicario brothers' murder of Santiago Nasar in his Chronicle of a Death Foretold. In another work by this author, Juvenal Urbino’s funeral reunites Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza, and this man also wrote a novel describing a massacre of banana plantation workers and the seventeen illegitimate children of Colonel Aureliano Buendia. For 10 points, name this Colombian author of Love in the Time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude.

ANSWER: Gabriel Jose de la Concordia Garcia Marquez [prompt on Marquez]
15.Before it was discovered by King and Szent-Gyorgyi in 1932, this molecule’s importance was demonstrated in an experiment by James Lind in 1747. This substance is required for the synthesis of norepinephrine and carnitine, but most importantly, it hydroxylazes proline and lysine to produce collagen. Linus Pauling advocated for megadoses of, for 10 points, what vitamin which prevents scurvy and can be found in citrus fruits?

ANSWER: vitamin C [or ascorbic acid; or L-ascorbate; or dehydroascorbic acid]
16.One of these objects containing an emerald was used against Fulad-Zereh by Arsalan, while another is noted for its proficiency against grass and emerged from the corpse of Orochi. In addition to Shamshir and Kusanagi, one hung over the head of Damocles, and another had the inscriptions “take me up” and “cast me away” as well as a holder that would clot wounds. That one was returned by Sir Bedivere to the Lady of the Lake. For 10 points, name this object whose examples include Excalibur, King Arthur’s weapon.

ANSWER: swords
17.The gamma function extends this operation to complex numbers, and an approximation named for Stirling can calculate very large ones. This function, whose rate of growth surpasses the exponential function, can be used to find how many permutations there are of n objects. For 10 points, name this function whose symbol is the exclamation point, which for a positive integer consists of multiplication by all lower positive integers.

ANSWER: factorial [prompt “exclamation point” before mention]
18.One of his poems is based on the tale of a mythological shepherd loved by Selene, and its first line states “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” In addition to “Endymion,” one of his poems states that the title creature “was not born for death, Immortal Bird,” and another beginning “Thou still unravished bride of quietness!” concludes “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” For 10 points, name this Romantic poet of “Ode to a Nightingale” and “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”

ANSWER: John Keats
19.This president’s penchant for a certain game caused his staff to become known as the Poker Cabinet. This man pleaded for a "Return to Normalcy" after the trying times of World War One. This president’s Secretary of the Interior was arrested after a scandal involving the sale of certain oil fields to Sinclair Oil in exchange for kickbacks, known as the Teapot Dome scandal. For 10 points, name this president whose time in office saw the start of the Roaring Twenties, and who was succeeded after his death by Calvin Coolidge.

ANSWER: Warren Gamaliel Harding
20.In one work by this author, Gus Trenor loans money to a character who overdoses on sleeping pills, Lily Bart. In addition to The House of Mirth, another novel by this author depicts Ellen Olenska falling in love with Newland Archer. This author also wrote a novel in which the title character and his wife's cousin Mattie Silver attempt to kill themselves by running a sled into a tree. For 10 points, name this American author of The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome.

ANSWER: Edith Wharton [or Edith Newbold Jones]
21.The Jacquerie peasant uprising occurred during this war, which saw one phase ended by the Treaty of Bretigny. The last battle of this war, at Castillon, saw extensive use of cannon, and, at another battle, John II was defeated and captured by the Black Prince. The Siege of Orleans was broken by Joan of Arc during this conflict, which also saw the Battles of Poitiers, Crecy, and Agincourt. For 10 points, name this war between the French and the English that lasted more than a century.

ANSWER: Hundred Years’ War or Guerre de Cent Ans

1.The Ogallala is a major one of these features in the U.S. Midwest. For 10 points each:

[10] Name these areas of permeable rock that hold groundwater, into which wells can be dug. Saltwater intrusions threaten these areas.

Answer: aquifers

[10] This type of well is a well from which water flows without pumping due to pressure in a confined aquifer.

Answer: artesian well

[10] This type of soil retains water better than silt and sand and has the smallest particle size.

Answer: clay soils
2.It includes a number of independent sculptures like The Kiss and Adam and Eve. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this massive sculpture of the title entrance.

ANSWER The Gates of Hell

[10] The Gates of Hell was created by this sculptor of the Burghers of Calais and The Age of Bronze.

ANSWER: Auguste Rodin

[10] This sculpture of Rodin's depicts a seated Dante with his chin rested on his fist.

ANSWER: The Thinker
3.Category: Chemistry

The SI unit for this phenomenon is the Becquerel, and it is also measured with the curie. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this property possessed by elements such as uranium and polonium, such that the atomic nucleus emits particles.

ANSWER: radioactivity [or radioactive decay; accept word forms such as radioactive; prompt on decay]

[10] This type of radioactive decay results in the emission of a helium nucleus, its namesake particle. Rutherford shot these particles in his famous gold foil experiment.

ANSWER: alpha decay

[10] In beta-negative decay, a neutron is converted into an electron and this particle.

ANSWER: proton
4.For 10 points each, answer some questions about the Bolshevik Revolution.

[10] In October 1917, this young Communist led the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, promising “Peace, Land, Bread.” He became the Soviet Union’s first head of state.

ANSWER: Vladimir Illyich Lenin [accept Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov]

[10] This comrade of Lenin founded the Red Army. He was later exiled for advocating world revolution and assassinated in Mexico.

ANSWER: Leon Trotsky [accept Lev Davidovich Bronstein or Lev Davidovich Trotsky]

[10] The Bolsheviks revolted against this Prime Minister of Russia’s provisional government, which had already deposed the Tsar in March of 1917.

ANSWER: Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kerensky
5.The namesake creature in this experiment is trapped in a box with a flask of cyanide gas and a radioactive substance. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this thought experiment in which the namesake animal is both alive and dead.

ANSWER: Schrodinger’s Cat

[10] In addition to Schrodinger, this other physicist used thought experiments such as the Twin Paradox and Grandfather Paradox to argue for his theories of special and general relativity.

ANSWER: Albert Einstein

[10] Leo Szilard refuted the idea of this hypothetical being, which violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics by sorting molecules into different compartments based on their speeds.

ANSWER: Maxwell’s Demon
6.It is comprised of over fifteen thousand islands and contains the largest Muslim population in the world. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this south-east Asian country which controls the island of Sumatra and has the fourth-largest population in the world.

ANSWER: Republic of Indonesia or Republik Indonesia

[10] This city, Indonesia's capital, is the largest metropolitan area in the southern hemisphere.

ANSWER: Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

[10] Jakarta is situated on this volcanic island, the fifth largest island in Indonesia. Other cities on this island include Surabaya and Bandung.

7.This work states that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this work coauthored by Engels which describes the title ideology as a specter “haunting Europe.”

ANSWER: The Communist Manifesto Accept Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei or Manifesto of the Communist Party

[10] This German philosopher who wrote The Communist Manifesto with Engels also wrote The Poverty of Philosophy.

ANSWER: Karl Heinrich Marx

[10] This Marx work analyzes the shortcomings of capitalist society and states that “labor cannot emancipate itself in the white skin where in the black it is branded.”

ANSWER: Das Kapital: Kritik der politischen Ökonomie Accept Capital
8.This man championed a policy of Satyagraha and led the Salt March before being assassinated by Nathuram Godse. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Indian nationalist leader, a champion of nonviolent civil disobedience.

ANSWER: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi [accept Mahatma Gandhi]

[10] This man was the first prime minister of independent India. He delivered the “Tryst with Destiny” speech and was one of the pioneers of non-alignment.

ANSWER: Jawaharlal Nehru [accept Pandit Nehru; prompt on Panditji]

[10] This neighbor of India, with capital at Islamabad, gained its independence the day after India. Mohammad Ali Jinnah pushed for this country’s separation from India, due to this country’s Muslim majority.

ANSWER: Islamic Republic of Pakistan or Islami Jomhuri-ye Pakistan
9.This king of Mycenae took the slave girl Briseis from Achilles, resulting in a quarrel that caused Achilles to withdraw from the battlefield. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this husband of Clytemnestra and son of Atreus who led the Greeks in the Trojan War to reclaim Helen, the bride of his brother.

ANSWER: Agamemnon

[10] This son of Agamemnon avenged his father’s murder by killing Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus with the help of his sister Electra.

ANSWER: Orestes

[10] This brother of Agamemnon and king of Sparta fathered Helen's daughter Hermione and took her back at the conclusion of the war.

ANSWER: Menelaus
10.The protagonist of this novel has a relationship with the prostitute Sonia. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this novel that sees the reclusive Raskolnikov murder the pawnbroker Alëna as well as her half-sister Lizaveta.

ANSWER: Crime and Punishment Accept Prestupleniye i Nakazaniye

[10] This author of Crime and Punishment also wrote a series of existential letters in Notes from the Underground and detailed the return of Prince Myshkin from a Swiss asylum in The Idiot.

ANSWER: Fyodor Dostoevsky

[10] In this Dostoevsky novel, Dmitri, who is a member of the title group along with Alyosha and Ivan, is accused of murdering his father.

ANSWER: The Brothers Karamazov or Brat’ja Karamazovy
11.Some of the competitors to replace this man in the Oval Office were George Wallace and Eugene McCarthy. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this thirty-sixth President, the signer of the Civil Rights Act. Prior to becoming president, this Texan served as Kennedy’s Vice President and House Majority Leader.

ANSWER: Lyndon Baines Johnson [accept LBJ; prompt on Johnson]

[10] This Minnesotan ended up winning the 1968 Democratic nomination for President, only to be defeated by Richard Nixon. He had previously served as Johnson’s Vice President.

ANSWER: Hubert Horatio Humphrey

[10] Humphrey’s nomination was cemented after this Palestinian immigrant assassinated Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles.

ANSWER: Sirhan Bishara Sirhan
12.He wrote six sonatas and partitas for solo violin. For 10 points each

[10] Name this Baroque composer who wrote the St. Matthew Passion and wrote 30 variations on an aria for the harpsichord in Goldberg Variations.

ANSWER: Johann Sebastian Bach

[10] Bach wrote this group of 6 concertos that include a third written for 3 violins, violas, and cellos plus continuo that has a 2 note long middle movement, named after a margrave.

ANSWER: Brandenburg Concertos

[10] Bach wrote many of this kind of composition which names a work entitled “The Art of” this. Bach often paired toccattas and preludes with these contrapuntal works.

ANSWER: fugue

13.The Treaty of Luebeck ended the Danish involvement in this conflict. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this conflict that began with the Bohemian Revolt and the Defenestration of Prague and primarily pitted the Hapsburgs and their allies against the Bourbons and their allies.

ANSWER: Thirty Years’ War

[10] Religious freedom was granted in this agreement that ended the Thirty Years’ War. It consisted of treaties signed at Muenster and Osnabruck.

ANSWER: Peace of Westphalia [or Treaty of Westphalia]

[10] This nation was granted independence from the Spanish by the Peace of Westphalia. William I of Orange led this nation in their rebellion against the Spanish.

ANSWER: Republic of the Seven United Netherlands or Seven Provinces or Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden or Zeven Provincien or Dutch Republic [accept United Provinces or Verenigde Provincien]
14.It inspired Picasso’s Massacre in Korea. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this painting that depicts a white-clad figure on his knees with his arms raised staring at a line of French soldiers about to execute him.

ANSWER: Third of May, 1808, Execution of the Defenders of Madrid [or El tres de mayo de 1808 en Madrid; or Los fusilamientos de la montaña del Príncipe Pío; or Los fusilamientos del tres de mayo]

[10] The Third of May, 1808 was created by this court painter of Charles V and artist of Disasters of War and The Nude Maja.

ANSWER: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

[10] Goya created this series of paintings on the walls of the Quinta del Sordo. They include Witches’ Sabbath and Saturn Devouring his Children and are named for their gloomy subject matter.

ANSWER: The Black Paintings
15.The twenty-first poem in this collection laments “in you everything sank.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this poetry collection inspired by a failed romance of its Chilean author.

ANSWER: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair Accept Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada

[10] Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair is a collection by this poet also known for “The Heights of Machu Picchu,” contained in Canto General.

ANSWER: Pablo Neruda Accept Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto

[10] This woman taught Neruda and is known for Sonetos de la Muerte and Desolacion, as well as for winning a Nobel Prize.

ANSWER: Gabriela Mistral Accept Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga
16.This work notes that “there is something very absurd in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1776 pamphlet that strongly urges American independence, arguing that “the blood of the slain, the weeping voice of nature cries, ‘tis time to part.’”

ANSWER: Common Sense

[10] This colonial pamphleteer wrote The Age of Reason and The American Crisis in addition to Common Sense.

ANSWER: Thomas Paine

[10] Paine wrote The Rights of Man in response to this Irishman’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, which argues that revolutions founded on abstract ideals will always fail.

ANSWER: Edmund Burke
17. It contains such parts as the malleus and incus and the tympanic membrane. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this organ used for hearing.


[10] This part of the ear is shaped like a snail and contains the Reissner’s membrane and the Organ of Corti. It is filled with liquid, which move in response to sound waves.

ANSWER: cochlea

[10] These sensory receptors are contained in the Organ of Corti of the cochlea. Sound waves cause them to move, which causes ion channels to open, initiating a nerve impulse.

ANSWER: hair cells
18. Nowadays, African politics are mired in controversy. For 10 points each, identify the following nations based on recent controversies

[10] After Thabo Mbeki was found to have interfered in a case involving charges of racketeering, corruption, and tax evasion; Jacob Zuma was allowed to stand in the 2009 presidential election in this nation.

ANSWER: Republic of South Africa

[10] With the backing of the army, Andry Rajoelina seized the presidency of this nation from Marc Ravalomanana following street protests.

ANSWER: Republic of Madagascar or Repoblikan’I Madagasikara or Republique de Madagascar

[10] In this nation that is plagued by hyperinflation, Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe reached a power sharing deal in 2008 after allegations of election fraud.

ANSWER: Republic of Zimbabwe
19. In this poem, the speaker and her companion who “kindly stopped for” her “passed the school, where children strove/At recess, in the ring.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this poem in which the speaker notes that “the carriage held but just ourselves/And Immortality.”

ANSWER: “Because I could not stop for Death

[10] This reclusive American poet wrote “Because I could not stop for Death” as well as “Success is counted sweetest” and “I heard a fly buzz when I died.”

ANSWER: Emily Dickinson

[10] The speaker of this poem exclaims “Then there’s a pair of us -- don’t tell!” before lamenting, “How dreary to be somebody!”

ANSWER: “I’m nobody! Who are you?
20. The Treaty of Zaragoza increased the scope of this treaty in 1529. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this treaty that created a line of demarcation 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands, allowing Portugal to colonize the land east of the line and Spain the land to the west.

ANSWER: Treaty of Tordesillas

[10] Due to the treaty, the Portuguese were able to claim the area that became this modern day South American country. This country was discovered by Cabral.

ANSWER: Federal Republic of Brazil or Republica Federativa do Brasil

[10] Martin Waldseemuller named America after this man who explored the Brazilian territory.

ANSWER: Amerigo Vespucci
21. Unferth gives this man the sword Hrunting to help him on his quest. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this title warrior of an old English epic notably translated by Seamus Heaney, who is killed by a dragon long after completing his quest.

ANSWER: Beowulf

[10] This monster's skin cannot be pierced by human weapons, so Beowulf kills him by ripping off his arm, incurring the wrath of this monster's mother.

ANSWER: Grendel

[10] The epic takes place in the land of Hrothgar, which is located in this Scandinavian country, also the setting of Hamlet.

ANSWER: Denmark

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